Nuremberg Zoo

Playful dolphins and sea lions perform high leaps out of the water. But how are these animals actually trained? Zoo in germanyAnd are dolphins really that intelligent? The dolphinarium is the perfect place for you to find answers to these questions. Nuremberg Zoo also has a range of other exciting attractions – pelican ponds, “ibex mountain” and the preserve of the snow leopard.

Berlin Zoo

Set in the heart of Berlin and home to more species than any other zoo in the world, Berlin Zoo has more than 13,000 animals living in a magnificent park. Visitors can see rare animals such as the giant panda, gorillas and kiwis in naturalistic outdoor enclosures and animal houses with exotic designs. The three-storey aquarium takes visitors on an expedition from the Great Barrier Reef with its tropical reef sharks to the crocodiles of the Amazonian jungle.

Cologne Zoo

The Cologne Zoo, established 1860, is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in Germany. Its current appearance is the result of a long history. About 10.000 animals out of 700 species are living in the zoological garden of Cologne.Zoo in germany

The current attraction is the Hippodom, which opened in May 2010. Experience the hippos and crocodiles face to face in a big African landscape immersion. Next to the modern enclosures, like the elephantpark or the rainforesthouse, which opened in 2000, the visitors of the Cologne Zoo can also visit many historical buildings, for example the monkey rock and the old elephanthouse, built in the Moorish style. The Cologne Zoo has the claim to build up all the animals’ enclosures according to the newest standards. The special charm of the Zoo is the combination of old historical buildings out of the founding years and new modern houses. Cologne Zoo became an established popular destination for young and old over the last 150 years of its history.

Leipzig Zoo

Water crashes down the waterfall beside the magnificent temple ruins and fallen columns. A big bull elephant takes a bath a few metres away and two young elephants romp happily about. Leipzig Zoo is a world full of mysteries for visitors to unravel. You’re having such fun that you don’t notice the information you’re picking up as you go along, such as what size shoe a baby elephant would take and how these animals actually communicate.

Wilhelma zoological and botanical gardens

At Wilhelma zoological and botanical gardens in Stuttgart elephants, pelicans and orchids are living in regal surroundings. The gardens, the greenhouses and the Moorish-style buildings were all built for King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. Visitors can say hello to the apes and pass giant waterlily leaves on their way to the jungle house, where crocodiles lie in wait in the water and exotic bird calls can be heard above the roar of the waterfall.