Holiday Germany During Fall – Events To Watch Out For

Fall is a good time to visit Germany since it isn’t peak tourist season, one does not have to face big crowds or pay peak tourist season rates through their noses. The temperatures tend to dip a bit in Fall but for the same reason so do the flight fares as well as hotel rates. Germany experiences Fall during September, October and November. The beer festival in Munich, Oktoberfest, held in September and October is the most popular festival in Germany as a result both air fares and hotel rates to Munich tend to skyrocket and become scarce as well. Besides Oktoberfest, Stuttgart beer festival is also quite popular. The Stuttgart beer festival takes place from the end of September till the middle of October. Besides beer and food, one can also enjoy parades as well as rides such as roller coasters and a really big Ferris wheel.

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However if you like to have fun and love beer, you should try to visit the Oktoberfest. Besides the Oktoberfest, there are plenty of activities one can enjoy during a holiday Germany in Fall. Wine lovers can enjoy wine festivals which are also quite popular without being too crowded. The Rhine Valley region in Germany is well known for producing world class wine and there are plenty of wine festivals held during the Fall. The largest wine festival is held during the month of September in the town of Bad Dürkheim, though it is called the Wursmarkt which means sausage market, the festival celebrates local wines of the Platinate region.

The road from Bockenheim, a town in southwest Germany till the French border is popularly called the wine road. It is a truly picturesque scene and one of the largest wine growing regions in Germany. The towns and villages along the German wine road are really charming and quaint. One can enjoy the Fall foliage of the beautiful Palatinate wine region and stop at local wine festivals for tasting and purchases. If you want to call it a day, you can look for wineries with boards that say Zimmer frei which means vacancy and provides bed and breakfast.

Another popular event which takes place during the end of November and of Fall are the Christmas Markets. The setting up of Christmas market is a sign of the upcoming festivities and along with it air fares and hotel rates tend to go up again. The Christmas markets are great fun to buy handmade traditional things including Christmas knick knacks. Many Christmas markets arrange for entertainment in the evening as well. Christmas markets can be found in almost every town and city of Germany. Therefore if you are planning to spend a holiday in Germany probably at the end of December, make sure you keep at least a day or two for Christmas markets.


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