Things to do in Rugen while Spending holiday Germany

Rugen, the island is located at the north eastern side of Germany and its nearest city is Starlsund. The island Rugen is connected via a bridge Rugen damm Bridge to the city of Starlsund. The place Rugen is considered as one of the most appraised holiday destinations in Germany. The place is known for sandy beaches and chalky cliffs and lots of activities to do and enjoy. However, summer is the best season to visit Rugen and to enjoy a lot of activities.

The list of things to do in Rugen

  • You can take a ride from Rasender Island to Gohren or Lauterbacher
  • Visit Rugen park: Here the admission fee for the children is decided on their individual height
  • Visit Ernst Moritz Arndt Tower and enjoy the eagle view of Rugen, the island
  • Hire a yacht and enjoy sailing around the island to view the chalk cliffs
  • Visit Welt der Experimente Museum in Putbus; here children are allowed to touch the displayed items
  • Visit the famous Clock maker’s Museum in Putbus

The beauty of Rugen is the list of tourist attractions in this small island is not over yet. In fact, if you follow a comprehensive travel guide Germany, you can easily find out that there are some places in Rugen. These include some of the must visit sites that should never be missed while coming to enjoy the place.

Rugen visit can never be completed without visiting Altenkirchen Church. The church is pretty old; in fact according to history, it was built in 12th century and is accounted as second oldest religious buildings and must see attraction in holiday Germany list. The candles at the bench, the old paintings at the church walls, and the Savantevit Stone from Jaromarsburg are some of the prime attractions inside the church besides its heritage presence. The cemetery stone outside the church and some very old trees deserve special mention.

Jagdschloss Granitz is the old high tower, constructed on 1844, and it offers wonderful air view of the island. The stairway of the tower is a great item to view for its structure as well as for the ornamental designs; it is an appraised place in Germany tourism. However, people with vertigo should not go for climbing the tower.

Cape Arkona is the 46ms high cliff line, looks stunning with distant view of two lighthouses and a bearing tower. One of the lighthouses was built in the year 1826/27 and the other one was built on 1902. While enjoying Rugen you should not miss the small village Vitt near Cape Arkona. It has a little restaurant in it however, with the seamless landscape of wild sea, the small village looks mesmerizing. There is a small chapel outside of the village with Red roof.

In addition to these Chalk museum in Gummanz, Jasmund National Park, Rasender Roland should be included in holiday Germany program.


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