Travel to Germany for a Family holiday – Have Fun at MountMitte

Travel to Germany for a family vacation, tour with friends or spend a retreat with your colleagues and with your entire family. There are many activities and places of interest for children including many outdoor activities in which the entire family can take part and have fun. MountMitte in Germany is one place that kids really love. Kids love climbing and having fun at MountMitte. MountMitte is an above ground adventure center. MountMitte in Berlin gives kids the experience they can have at a jungle adventure. This park is almost surreal with floating cars and canoes.

This high rope course in the middle of Berlin is perfect for children and adults who want to have fun with some action outdoors. Though the idea might initially seem childish, people enjoy it irrespective of age as long as they are fit. There are many different levels of the course to enjoy with whole family. Therefore, one can choose the level according to their ability. Choosing a course that is easy might not be a lot of fun so one should opt for one that is slightly difficult. They have six different courses with various difficult levels as well as altitudes. Their courses are perfect for those who want to attempt trekking but doubt their ability as well as novice climbers.

Climbing in these courses fills one with excitement and is a great way to bond with family, friends or even colleagues. It fills one with a sense of achievement when one moves on to more difficult levels from comparatively easier ones. MountMitte is very popular for corporate events as well as birthday parties or family get-togethers. It is an unusual but very interesting. Bookings are accepted for as many as seventy people. The MountMitte, Berlin is open on all days and one can call them for bookings.

If you think this is dangerous, it is not, as one is provided with climbing harness so that they do not fall off. There are enough safety precautions taken at the MountMitte so one can just enjoy themselves without worrying about the safety of their own self or their families. Children of all age simply adore MounMitte and children are always welcome but they must measure a minimum of 130 cm. It is best to measure your child’s height if you have doubts before bringing them to MountMitte since if they can’t go in and have fun with it after seeing it they are bound to be very disappointed.

A travel to Germany is incomplete without enjoying its fabulous outdoor weather and MountMitte offers one the opportunity to do so. So if you are in Berlin and see that it’s too fine a morning to be spent indoors in malls or museums then walk into MountMitte instead and enjoy a fun park along with fine German weather.


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